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Migas Certification | Marindotech

Update 2014

PT MARINDOTECH, provides several services that supported by world wide network of affiliate company with experienced and qualified man power.

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Inspection & Certification Services

  • Migas Certificate
  • Equipment
  • Facility Installation

Migas Certification
(under Directorate of Oil & Gas)

inspeksi migas certificate image

As required by Regulation of Indonesian Government, Equipments used in Oil, gas, Geothermal, Petrochemical and Power Generation and all general industries in Indonesia shall be certified by Government prior to operate.
The certification covers equipments and facility operates in the Oil and Gas Industries, except for Boiler Certification

  • Welder/Operator Certification
  • Inspector
  • SKPP (Individual Equipment Certification)
  • SKPI (Facility Worthiness Certification)
  • SKKP (Platform Certification)

Equipment Inspection

inspection equipment image

Provides a complete range of inspection and expediting services. These services are supported by world wide network of affiliate company with locally based personnel who experienced and qualified in this services.

Other Inspection


These inspections typically include the following checkpoints (because all fair facilities are different, your fair's inspection could include additional ones).

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  • Pom Bensin Meledak di Ukraina, 6 Orang Tewas +

    Insiden tersebut terjadi akibat ledakan gas di sebuah stasiun bahan bakar di Kota Kiev Oblast

    inspeksi pom image
    Foto: Merdeka.com

    Dua petugas pemadam berusaha menjinakkan sisa api yang masih membakar di sebuah pom bensin di Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi, Kiev Oblast, Ukraina (22/4).

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Our Licence.

Approval ISO 9001 : 2008 from Bereu Veritas, APITINDO permanent member since 1998

Our Clients.

  • List of Work Period 2005 +

    1. PetroChina International Jabung Ltd.
    2. CNOOC SES. Ltd.
    3. PT.Pertamina (Persero) UPMS III Jakarta
    4. Medco E & P Indonesia, PT
    5. Energy Equity Epic (Sengkang) PTY.LTD.
    6. Pertamina(Persero) UPms V
    7. Istana Karang Laut, PT.
    8. Medco E & P Indonesia, PT
    9. Sentra Mekanindo, PT.
    10. Promatcon Tepatguna, PT
    11. Pearl Oil (Tungkal) Ltd
    12. Arun Natural Gas Liquefaction, PT
    13. Pertamina (Persero) UPms V Cab.Denpasar
    14. Pertamina (Persero) UPms V Depot Sanggaran
  • List of Work Period 2006 +

    1. Elputcika Persada, PT
    2. Promatcon Tepatguna, PT
    3. Medco E & P Indonesia, PT
    5. Hyunwoo Trading Indonesia, PT
    6. Sentra Mekanindo, PT.
    7. Virginia Indonesia CO., LLC
    8. Pertamina (Persero) UPms III - ITP Plp
    9. Langsa FPSO PTE.LTD
    10. Dwimulti Esindo, PT
    11. Rainbow Emerald Pamanukan Selatan, PT - TAC Pertamina
    12. KELSRI, PT
    13. Wahana Sarana Jati, PT
    14. Putra Dharma Harmoteknik, PT
    15. PT.Pertamina (Persero) Upms III Jakarta, Wilayah III Gas Domestik
    16. ExxonMobil Oil Indonesia Inc.
  • List of Work Period 2007 +

    1. Shengli Engineering & Consulting Co., Ltd
    2. Pertamina (Persero), PT - wilayah III Gas Domestik
    3. COOEC Indonesia, PT
    4. Arun NGL, PT
    5. Santos (Sampang) Pty.Ltd
    6. Shengli Engineering & Consulting Co., Ltd
    7. Energy Equity Epic (Sengkang) PTY.LTD.
    8. Virginia Indonesia CO., LLC
    9. Gaspro Wahyu Widada, PT
    10. PT. Citra Nusantara Gemilang
    11. Sanggar Sarana Baja, PT
    12. Dwi Multi Esindo, PT
    13. Surya Teguh Cemerlang Perkasa, PT
    14. Energy Equity Epic (Sengkang) PTY.LTD.
    15. PetroChina International (Bermuda) Ltd
    16. Istana Karang Laut, PT.
    17. Pertamina EP Region KTI, PT
    18. Pearl Energy Group Indonesia
    19. PT. Tapian Nadenggan
    20. PERTAMINA EP Region Jawa, PT
    21. CV Noval Mitra Prima
    22. Bekasi Metal Inti Megah, PT
    23. ExxonMobil Oil Indonesia Inc.
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Product Offering.

Our gas safety inspections include:

  • Full system Gas Safe tightness test to confirm no gas leaks in property
  • Appliance check for gas tightness
  • Standing and working pressures at meter and appliances
  • Burner pressure/gas rate checks against manufacturer's data
  • Ventilation requirements are met
  • Flue flow test to ensure removal of combustion products
  • Satisfactory operation of all flame failure devices
  • Checks for any boiler installation defects that don't comply with current regulations
  • Investigation report into evidence of unsafe operation or installation
  • Full inspection of  flue installation and ventilation requirements. 


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